Thinking Like The 300

The best plans or programs will never work for you until you have a mind that is disciplined enough to follow it. Spartan warriors were known for having developed a mindset that addressed the problems that came along with a dedication to strict training and the religion of physical culture. You can learn to think like the 300 too. Once you do, you are at least halfway towards having the body of your dreams.

When it comes to thinking like a proud member of the 300, it's important to remember these things:

Think Positively.

The mind can be something that drains you or motivates you when you face challenges. And getting into great shape is certainly a tough challenge for many of us. Adopting the habit of thinking and speaking positively has absolutely nothing to do with “new age” mysticism. It has everything to do with being able to perform optimally. Clear your mind of negative self-talk and immediately replace it with “can do” messages. Watch how much more power this will give you to get things done almost instantly.

Be Prepared for Sacrifice.

Nothing exceptional good can happen without hard work. That's a truth that is unavoidable despite what the mainstream supplement hawkers and “fitness professionals” may try to sell you. If you want to be everything you can be you MUST be prepared to work hard. Chiseling out a new body isn't easy, but the method in this Guide will make it EASIER than it could be. All your sweat, time, and hard work will be worth it. Trust me.

Write Down Your Goals. Spartans are goal setters and achievers.

Taking a few minutes a day to write down your daily goals and a half hour or so on the weekend to work out weekly and monthly goals can be the difference between being successful with your program and failing. All winners are goal setters.

Historical studies have shown that the Spartan leaders were nearly obsessive about their planning, much more so than any other leaders of their time. Once you have a target, it is much easier to accomplish success!

 How to Have a Killer Mindset in The Gym

Have a Willingness to Take Action.

This is the most important Spartan mental trait you should adopt if you want to accomplish elite physical aspirations. Embracing this mindset will also make accomplishing ANYTHING much easier.

The majority of people in the world are lacking a willingness to take quick action. You can have all the knowledge in the world and the best of intentions, but if you don't act, the chances of change occurring in your life are nearly zero. If you want a fighting chance of seeing improvement in your life, act quickly, and act often. Sitting around and feeling sorry for yourself will get you nowhere – fast!

There it is. Training methods and winning attitudes that worked in the past will work just as well today. We are still the same human beings with the same physical make-ups that respond the same way to adversity.


Adopting our unique Spartan approach will quickly send weakness on the run. Are you ready to join the 300? Then get up and start working hard today!


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