Creating A Legendary Arm Workout Routine like Serge Nubret with 1,4 OHP

Creating A Legendary Arm Workout Routine like Serge Nubret with 1,4 OHP

Have you ever wanted to build the kind of arms that give you a legendary status like Serge Nubret? Serge was a renowned bodybuilder who had one of the best arm structures and performance in the sports industry.

His workout routine blended with the use of the right supplements made him stand out among his peers as an admirable and brilliant athlete.

Alongside proper nutrition and the physical training, Serge used steroids and went up against some of the most popular and iconic athletes in bodybuilding contests.

But with the advancements in technology, it’s now possible to achieve Nubret's incredible arm size and structure with a safer alternative, 1,4 OHP. Let's take a closer look at how you can create a legendary arm workout routine to help you achieve your desired arm featuring 1,4 OHP.

Before delving into your arm workout routine, consider warming up with stretching exercises and movements.

The stretching helps create flexibility, reduce possible muscle inflammation keeping you safe from harm.

Establishing warm-up exercises targeting the joints and muscles of your biceps and triceps helps eliminate any chances of complications like tendinitis muscle strains or tears.

Consider utilizing exercises like arm circles, elbow rotations, shoulder shrugs, and even jumping jacks to stimulate blood flow and increase fluidity.


Concentrate on compound exercises:

This particular workout routine concentrates on enhancing the size of your biceps and triceps. Our first exercise focuses on the combination of compound exercises, which serve for the stimulation of your working muscle and the growth of your biceps brachii and brachialis. One routine you can use is the "EZ bar curl to close grip bench press," which compresses these two phases into one challenging exercise. Grab the EZ bar and perform a series of curls then rest for thirty seconds. After that, move to the bench press with the EZ bar, and perform another set of twenty reps.

Isolation Exercises:

Suppose you want to give your biceps an extra pinch, in that case, it's recommended to focus on isolation exercises.

In Serge's workout plan, he used the preacher bench curl to improve his Arm size and overall appearance. Incorporate this exercise to your routine by using the preacher bench for added focus.

Sit on the bench with the back of your arms resting on the face, then grab the bar with both hands, and curl the bar towards your face. Ensure to keep your elbows stable, and contract your bicep muscles at the top of the curl. Do 3 sets and perform 20 reps with 45 seconds rest intervals between rounds.


Triceps workouts:

The triceps are an essential muscle in developing your arms due to their strength and size. Proper training, as part of a volume program, helps stimulate muscle growth. In Serge's arm structure, he used the triceps pushdown, enabling him to create an excellent tricep impression with less elbow joint strain. Start by attaching the rope to the pull-down and face the machine while gripping the rope's ends. Extend your arms out and pull the rope towards your body, contracting your triceps and holding the position for 20 to 30 seconds. Perform 3 sets of 10 repetitions with minute rest intervals.

In conclusion, Nubret became successful at his career because he spent plenty of time with his workout routine, supplement intake, and dietary habits.

Combining all of these factors enabled him to rise to the top of the bodybuilding industry and earn legendary status across the globe. With the introduction of 1,4 OHP, you can create the same legendary arms as Nubret without the risk of side effects accompanied by anabolic steroids.

By following Serge's legendary arm workout, incorporating 1,4 OHP, and your dietary habits, you can transform your arm bulkiness and even become legendary too.