What are the Best Vintage Muscle Stack Combinations?


When most people think of bodybuilding, they think of huge men with bulging muscles. In reality, however, there are many different types of bodybuilding, each with its own goals and methods. Using different combinations of Vintage Muscle stacks is one way to achieve these different goals. Why this question comes up is I play semi-pro football, and I had a friend come up to me, he's like, "I just purchased some vintage muscle. I'm really excited to try it out." I said, "Awesome, what stack did you buy?" And he goes, "Well, I bought the muscle support stack." Now, if you don't know our muscle support stack, it's intended as a PCT stack or estrogen blocker stack. His goal was to put on some size. I told him he's going to want to switch that out. That's an example of why I think this is a necessary topic to explain. Also, a lot of customers don't understand what these different anabolic precursors convert to and don't know exactly which ones to combo, which ones to avoid combining. I come up with my 5 favorite combinations and why I have them in their respective combinations. 


1) So to start, everyone's fan favorite is lean mass. The mass where you're bulking, but you're trying to keep it clean, and not going full mass monster, but more of a physique competitor type look.

I start with our 1-Androl stack, that's a precursor to 1-testosterone.

It's going to be a bit more androgenic and anabolic than just regular testosterone. Preferably two drops a day for a pretty heavy hitter, lean mass combo. And behind that, I also recommend the RAD-Mass stack as that's going to be a precursor to testosterone. I would keep that at one drop a day to help support the 1-Androl. Lastly is the Alpha Test Stack, this is going to have that epi-andro. That's going to continue to help with that lean mass. A lot of customers think RAD-mass is more wet, bulky mass. And, yes, regular testosterone is going to add a bit more of that wetter look, but when you want lean mass, you don't want to go all-out dried, peeled seven days out from competition. You will want some of that to help you recover and just help you feel better in general. That is our lean mass combination: 1-Androl, RAD-Mass, and the Alpha Test.


2) Second up is our Mass stack. This is going to be someone who's just looking to put on size as quickly as possible. Not so much looking for a competitor-type physique.

Some benefits of this mass stack are it's going to feel awesome on your joints, you're going to be able to take in a lot more calories than usual, and be able to put that into muscle mass quickly. Our older clients and customers take this just because their preference is the Mass stack. They just feel younger on it because they get that recovery and that joint lubricant making them feel great. What I have with that is we're going to combine our Equi-mass product. Equi-mass contains the equivalent of two drops of our RAD-mass stack, so it already has that testosterone base in there. Alongside that, it has the 1,4-OHP,

which is that EQ precursor. EQ is known for its mass benefits and joint recovery. To add on top of that is the two-milliliter option for the 19Nor Stack. 19Nor has a DECA precursor called 19Nor-DHEA.

You're getting deca, you're getting EQ, and you're getting testosterone with this combo. This gives you your mass stack that you blow up quickly on. It's got a lot of recovery benefits when you're hitting the gym hard as you get into your 50s and get into your 60s. 

 3) A lot of customers come into Vintage Muscle and they're less concerned about looking like a bodybuilder and they're more concerned about having that feeling as if they're on testosterone. This even comes from guys who run TRT. A lot of people go on TRT, but they don't feel like they're on TRT. Why that comes into is they aren't allowed to bump it up past 1000 testosterone levels. Their doctor keeps them low, and they also may not be experiencing some of the more androgenic effects of hormones. What we have for that is our RAD-mass stack. It has 4-DHEA precursor testosterone.

This is if someone who's running TRT simply just wants to have more testosterone on top of it, but their doctor won't prescribe it. The RAD-mass can bump them over that limit so then they can get up to the +1000 range. After that is the Alpha Test Stack that has epiandrosterone, the precursor to dihydrotestosterone. That's going to be your androgenic supplementation where you're going to get the enhanced nervous system, increased masculinity, and focus. I am able to PR harder at the gym from that nervous system boost that it gives you. If you're looking for the benefits of testosterone, there's my favorite sack with that. 


4) Some people come up to me and their only goal is to look dried and peeled, whether it's the competition or they just want to look shredded as hell when they go to the beach.

Our combination for that is Hydroxygenin, anabolic shred, win-test, and a little bit of muscle support. So let's go through each of those and why have it like that. Hydrogygenin is our hormonal fat burner. Instead of attacking the regular fat-burner in a stimulant fashion, we attack it from a hormonal action like the rest of our products and what the market doesn't supplement. With Hydroxygenin, the main hitter is the T2.

You've heard of T3, T2 is its little brother that works at about 65%. This is going to kick up your metabolism and get your thyroid supercharged for this short period of time you're running the hydroxygenin. Alongside that to also help with your metabolism is the 7-Keto-DHEA.

So you have the T2, 7-Keto, and then also 4-methoxy.

That's a natural estrogen blocker that also serves as a PCT if you're trying to help yourself boost your natural testosterone levels from some more suppressive products. You get the benefits of the higher metabolism and you're getting the excess water weight reduced from the lower estrogen. But now you're missing the stimulant side with the Yohimbe bark, a little caffeine, and nervous system fat burning. That's where you get it from the Anabolic Shred stack in our CLEN-XT50.

The CLEN-XT50 is more of a regular fat burner that you find in GNC for $70-$80. We also pair that with laxogenin.

Laxogenin is also found in hydroxygenin, so we're doubling up on that. Laxogenin works by increasing protein synthesis. If you're cutting and you're trying to the most of your protein, laxogenin is going to help with that. It's going to speed up that protein synthesis, ensuring your muscles are fed and making use of every gram of protein you eat. These two products Hydroxygenin and the Anabolic Shred stack are a great combo. Then we throw on our win-test, that's our Winstrol precursor with 5a-OHP.

It also has the epiandrosterone that comes in our Alpha Test stack, an androgenic compound.

It's going to get that reduced water retention and have you looking dried and peeled. Alongside those three I recommended a little bit of the Muscle Support stack. This is because when competitors compete they try to lower their estrogen quite a bit for that dryer, reduced water weight look. With the Muscle Support stack, having the 4,6-DHEA, that's going to block testosterone conversion to estrogen helping achieve that look. Dry shredded combination: Hydroxygenin, anabolic shred, win-test, and a little bit of muscle support stack. Just be careful not to crash your estrogen. 


5) Lastly, I wanted to discuss some of our PCT options. A lot of customers run a suppressive compound. When they're coming off and they need their natural testosterone to rebound because they don't want to be on TRT the rest of their life. One product you can run after your suppressive cycles: Hydroxygenin. I formulated this to be our hormonal fat burner but to also be something you can run after your suppressive stacks like 1-Androl, RAD-mass, and/or Equi-mass. The 4-methoxy acts as a natural testosterone booster, as previously mentioned, and it's packed in there at 200 milligrams, a pretty high dose. That's why it's in hydroxygenin and works great alongside your Muscles Support stack and as well as the GH-Soma stack. This stack is a nice sleep aid combined with some Chinese herbals that are proven to increase growth hormone production.

Here are the different stack combinations I went through and what each of them will do for you:

Lean mass combination:

     ^1-ANDROL STACK^            

Mass Stack combination:

    ^19NOR STACK^

To feel like you're on testosterone:


Dried and peeled competitor look:



For Post-cycle therapy: